Introducing Managed Care + Hosting in 2019!

HAPPY 2019! Finally, after a year of community and customer feedback we’re announcing that all managed care plans will be eligible to bundle WordPress hosting as part of their subscription.

A recent post, What Your Hosting Company Won’t Tell You About Support touched on the difference between “Managed WordPress Hosting” and “Managed Care for WordPress”. By bundling hosting with managed care, clients get the benefit of a true turnkey service that removes all of the technical and administrative requirements that come with maintaining a WordPress website.

Bundled hosting will become available on January 1st, 2019 just in time to kick off the new year.

As you already know, our Sentinel and Complete Plans already include hosting, so this announcement impacts both new websites as well as sites that would like to migrate over to us and consolidate their hosting and website care needs.

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By the way, did I mention that all new website installations and/or migrations from your existing web host are completely free for the month of January!

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